Awful Opinions RE: The Fiscal Cliff Failure


Savage spending cuts and even more draconian tax increases remain the only reasonable route to solvency and thus prosperity. Blame your parents, and the best way to do that is to come after their excessive salaries with your broadsword held high.

Make the deepest cuts in Social Security and Medicare; these programs strictly benefit net drains on society who are too old and infirm to resist by any means other than the ballot box. It will seem bad from a welfare standpoint at first, but you can mitigate the disaster by failing to treat the CRE epidemic in nursing homes. By the time the boomers hit retirement en masse, old age will be a one-way ticket to sudden death by pathogen. Savings!

Cut no defense spending. This strictly goes to the American economy and is the most productive expenditure we have. In fact: increase it proportionally.

Spend nothing on wasteful green energy products which do nothing more than prop up a variety of failed or failing companies that fleece taxpayers / investors and then go out of business. This is true of every non-state-sponsored solar firm in the world save the most tiny startups, which all only seek to graduate into political pyramid schemes / IPO traps. This is because all of the actual solar money in China will eat everyone else alive competitively, and they’re willing / able to outspend us.

Fuck yes, natty gas and coal jobs. More dead Americans - particularly poor ones - reduces our necessity for unskilled and semi-skilled employment opportunities while decreasing unfunded social welfare liabilities.

BONUS: Congress is a failed institution and America’s government has descended into a malaise from which it will never emerge while fascist / authoritarian states inherit the globe.

The first we do is kill all the old people.