In a world of companies that more often than not suck ass when it comes to customer service and support, I’d like to shout out two that are doing it right:

  1. Fidelity. I recently had to move all of my 401K money from the account of the crooks who burned my last firm to the ground into my new account, which is not with Fidelity. I feared the worst, since I was essentially asking to take business away from them. Not only were they friendly, informed and helpful, but I was immediately put on the line with a pension specialist who answered all of my question about that lingering pension I have always had questions about in the same professional manner. 
  2. Amtrak. Booking travel and modifying existing tickets is usually as fun as walking through Times Square during the holidays. Amtrak has a superior virtual guide through the process that doesn’t make me feel as creepy or frustrated as most of the robots you talk to on the phone. And if you need something she can’t provide quickly, an agent pops on right away to help you in a sweet and efficient manner. They can’t run a successful transportation system to save their lives, but they do get some things right.